sunnuntai 16. huhtikuuta 2017

Perfect Easter obedience

In February I kind of hoped that we could be now ready for Class 2. Alas, we are not ready with our distance control, so the class 2 needs to wait a bit longer! This year I have been so lazy to train that no wonder with our non-progress.
Easter Sunday we took part in the obedience show of local Pop Dogs, judge Riikka Pulliainen.
Luckily, my perfect worker is a perfect worker and with a style we gained 304,5 points out of 320 and a prize of honour, too.  This time I remembered all the commands correctly, so I did not spoil the excellent work of Prikka.
There is a picture story of our performance in Jolly Agile FB
Thank you; Eva-Lotta Halonen so much for being there and taking my camera, kovely shots!
We had the movements in the same order as two months ago. The movements were divided in two parts and the sitting in a group was the very last movement.

3. Stand under march 10
4. Recall 9,5
5. Sit under march 10
6. Send away into a square and lying down 9 - maybe I was slow with my commands, anyway she stepped on the side marker. Lucky us, she reacted on my hand signal and took one step towards the center!

7. Retrieve of a wooden dumbbell 9,5
8. Distance control 8 - our old problem returned, she needed a double command and the finishing heel position was very slow.
2. Heelwork 9,5 - otherwise perfect and steady work, only the heel position after our two reverse steps was a bit crooked.
9. Recall and jumping over a hurdle 10
10. Send around a cone and return 10

1. Sitting in a group for 1 minute, handlers in sight 9,5 points - Prikka moved a bit her paws when I was returning
11. General impression 10 -  I am so proud of this :) :) :) 

What an easy dog to compete with, I can always lean on her, she is doing her best, my Prikka!

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