lauantai 21. maaliskuuta 2020

On and off Winter

In the beginning of the year we had a couple of times perfect amount of soft snow that we could do some obedience exercises. The picture taken after "working" with the rewards. Of course, it is Jinga who is entitled for the rewards (Prikka never things she is entitled if the other two are around). 

Jinga's bed exploded after being in heavy constant use for nine years. I did not find any ready made from the stores, so I had to make one all by my self. She is happy with the new bed even though she does not show it in this pic.

In mid January it started to look like this in the sunny spots.

There were days when we got lots of snow for our paths like n the end of January.



Kiila in January

In January the sky was sometimes purple, sometimes red or pink when leaving for work.

This is a rare sight in our house - no idea why it was so cosy side by side. 

Mid February and most of the snow gone - again. The dogs had a personal trainer for the weekend.

The forest with hardly any snow, lots of walking on icy paths.

March 2nd some snow again.

The paths are quite narrow for the trio.

Someone is overtaking

Kiila on sunny Sunday in March

Sunny day in the beginning of March and 
posing in front of the ice wall by the lake close by.

Last weekend we enjoyed walking on the hard snow deck. The whole new world is open after warms days with the night frost. We had a long and sunny walk when walking on the open space. Usually we just see tiny spots of sun, in the shade of trees.

Last weekend the next day, we did obstacle search on the snow deck. The dogs enjoyed. The pictures taken after the "work".  Of course the dogs worked individually and Prikka and Jinga hhad two turns to find four obstacles, Kiila did it once.

Running after the rewards.

Jinga collected again most of the toys for herself.
March 20th, vernal equinox, very sunny day

Besides not hearing anything, it looks like Kiila is losing her sight, too. At least she has difficulties to estimate the depths of things. Always when we need to jump over the streams and ditches, she realy hesitates and tries to find an easier spot for herself. Same with the tiny "bridges" like in here. 

We found a chair (in a perfect condition) in the middle of forest. Someone has carried it a long way from the roads. We are living our first Corona week, meaning that we have been working from home the whole week. We are lucky, since it has been so easy to organise to work from home and we do not have to take care of the kids and their homework and their need to socialise.  Prikka is here pretending to work away from home, having the home office in the forest.

On the snowy road, this is usually a ski track but now, so worn out in many spots.

Our path  was mostly dry, but it included also some puddles,
we needed to jump over or some very icy spots, too.

Evening sun shining warmly on the doggies in some spots.

Prikka and the evening sun behind her.

Let's see how much room will each one of us have for herself in the weeks ahead,
how isolated we will be. It can be a long spring and summer with just a few contacts.

tiistai 31. joulukuuta 2019

Huonosti kuuluu mutt jotain kuuluu

Syyskuussa saatiin koirien geenitutkimukselta sähköpostitse viesti:
"Koiranne näytettä on käytetty tutkimuksessa, jonka tuloksena olemme löytäneet aikuisiän kuurouteen liittyvän perimän alueen ja geenimuunnoksia bordercollieilla. "Jinga ja Prikka olivat molemmat normaaleja aikuisiän kuurouden suhteen. Kiilan suhteen olin kovin utelias testin tuloksista ja saimmekin myös sen näytteen testiin mukaan. Sain sille ajan BAER-testiin kaksi kuukautta myöhemmin.
"Aikuisiän kuurous (adult onset deafness, AOD; early adult onset deafness, EAOD) on bordercollieilla autosomaalisesti resessiivisesti periytyvä sairaus. Kuulon heikkeneminen havaitaan yleensä 5-7 vuoden iässä molemmissa korvissa. Geenitutkimuksen tuloksena olemme paikantaneet kuuroutumista aiheuttavan perimän alueen ja siihen liittyviä geenimuunnoksia eli variantteja yhden geenin alueelta. Varsinaista kuurouttaa aiheuttavaa geenivirhettä ei kuitenkaan ole vielä onnistuttu tunnistamaan, joten tutkimus sen löytämiseksi jatkuu. Tulokset antavat kuitenkin mahdollisuuden testata ja tunnistaa koiria, joilla on riski kuuroutua tai jotka kantavat kuurouteen liitettyjä geenivariantteja. Tutkimuksemme perusteella näiden varianttien suhteen homotsygooteilla koirilla on suuri riski kuuroutua. Homotsygootit koirat ovat siis perineet kuurouteen liittyvät variantit molemmilta vanhemmiltaan. Lisätutkimuksia kuitenkin tarvitaan vielä, jotta voimme selvittää, sairastuvatko kaikki homotsygootit koirat. Heterotsygootit eli varianttien kantajat ovat normaalisti kuulevia. Tutkimuksessa oli mukana ~1000 bordercollienäytettä, joista n. 700 oli suomalaisten koirien näytteitä. Aineiston suomalaisista koirista 30% oli kantajia ja 7% homotsygootteja tutkittujen varianttien suhteen."

Ihan niinkuin olimme jo monta vuotta epäilleet, niin testi osoitti Kiilan vasemman korvan melkein kuuroksi, eikä oikeankaan korvan kuulo häävi ollut.

Normaalin koiran reaktio 80 ja 50 desibelin ääniin

Kiilan 50db oli pelkkää suoraa.  Tässä aikuisiän kuurouteen liittyvässä tutkimuksessa kuulotestissä testattiin myös kuulokynnystä (mikä ei yleensä sisälly kuulotestiin). Normaalilla koiralla kuulokynnys on15 db, Kiilalla vasemmassa 75 ja oikeassa 70. Kiila on aina vetänyt voimakkaasti tien vasempaan laitaan. Tyttäremme epäili jo vuosia sitten, että se voisi liittyä kuulo-ongelmaan ja niinhän se näyttää liittyvän, todennäköisesti vasen  korva on ollut kuuro jo tosi nuoresta lähtien, ennen Englantiin lähtöämme vuonna 2009. Kiila-twist = pyörähtää akselinsa ympäri tien vasempaan laitaan ja saada remmi omalle oikealle kyljelle. Tapahtui mm. tänäänkin lenkille lähtiessä. 

Jyväskylässä on mukavasti lunta piisannut, koirat ovat pysyneet puhtaina ja metsässä ollaan pärjätty ilman lamppua illoin aamuin.

Kiilan mielitapa mennä mäki alas.

Innolla tähystämme Uuteen Vuoteen ja Vuosikymmeneen!

Mukavaista vuotta 2020 kaikille ystävillemme!

maanantai 18. marraskuuta 2019

Road trip to southern Germany

For a couple of odd reasons we decided to make a late autumn trip to Heidelberg were we lived twenty years ago.  We left Jyväskylä on Thursday afternoon, had a nice walk at Ruissalo before embarking the ferry. At dawn on our way from Stockholm we found nice forest with cliffs and nature trail. So, the dogs had a nice outing somewhere around Kungens Kurva. First destination was to see our daughter, Henni, in Lund. We arrived just in time to have a nice walk with her on the beach before the sunset. In the first picture the bridge between Sweden and Denmark is on the background.

Our base in Lund; the dogs on Henni's stairs on rainy Saturday morning before leaving for our walk to Skåneleden. Our choice included lots of stiles between the meadows with or without cows on the way. The reward for our rainy walk was a very nice brunch in the country cafe. Kind of grey and wet - no pics.

The doggies on the bright Sunday morning on the lawn behind "Henni's" house.  

On Sunday we headed to Falsterbo, the most South Eastern corner of Sweden. We walked around the western peninsula of Falsterbo. The bridge is now to be seen from the east. There were hundreds of swans on the Swedish cost.

We walked under the dark and blue sky. The trio enjoyed.

Being stalked at.

The stalker

Some windmills and the autumn colors

Heading towards the outer side of the peninsula

The last quarter of our walk was pretty damp, the wellingtons were a necessity. Prikka was pretty good jumping over the the puddles and streams (the other two not, so later we had very smelly dogs).

Prikka and the white sand.

The swimming huts. 

Jinga on white sand by the dunes on the other end of peninsula.

The woods between the dunes and naturum where we had a lovely lunch.

                Early next morning we left for southern Germany and left Kiila to Henni.

Finland had been quite grey for a few weeks, so we really enjoyed seeing the autumn colors again. The trees had colorful leaves starting from southern Sweden. This picture is taken on Tuesday morning from Neckargemünde where we stayed a few nights. The Monday was the most awful driving experience of our all journeys. The journey from Lund took 14 hours, 12 hours of driving, one hour in the ferry and a couple of lousy meals without any decent walks with the dogs. Lots of  rush hours (Staus), construction work on German Autobahns and driving in the darkness. Earlier we have been quite lucky with our choice of stops but not on Tuesday.

Just up the hill from our airbnb.

The beautiful sceneries next morning made the trip worth while.

At noon we met my agility team mate back from 2000. Anette and Tara showed Hoopers, which is Tara's favorite sport. Anette's dog club has been offering it for a few years. Of course I had to try it too with Jinga and Prikka.

We visited also our friends at Forbach in Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

We had nice walk there, too. This was partly a familiar path for us since we started
our 100 km Wine path (Wein Pfad) hike 10 years ago with Kiila from here. 

Walking up the hill

Coming down 

There was a mystery stone in the nearby village

Jinga and Prikka climbed up, of course.

Piece of steep wall, we three who witnessed Prikka jumping up this, will hardly forget her grace doing it. She had jumped on the dirt road before us, we could not join her immediately because it was too steep. The car was approaching Prikka, so she decided to jump back to us (and not run in front of the car).

Coming back to Forbach

There was snow on the top of the hills close to  Forbach. We saw more snow when climbing up via Freudenstadt on our way to visit friends in Tübingen. These were the furthest points on our trip.

The autumn holiday was supposed to be Heidelberg holiday but I only spent one afternoon looking at the familiar sights in our hometown 20 years ago.

Luckily, our journey back up to Lund was a lot nicer. It took 13 hours (only one hour less) to get back up north but we had a nice one hour walk in Lüneberger Heide besides a couple of other nice stops.

It is always pretty calm and silent at the dog compartment, very seldom they raise their heads up. Now, they are just checking if they might get out while visiting the gas station. We stayed again in Lund for the night when picking up Kiila. She had a good time with Henni and her friends and the other two had much more space for themselves on the long rides we did. 

The doggies after 4 600 km in the car, the road trip exceeded 5 000 km, ferry trips  included. The Volvo needed gas worth of 290 euros, not bad. Since there is only one driver in this family, the next trip might be inter-rail one (like we did 10 years ago with Kiila) or many more days without hardly any driving. Two long days of driving (if we forget the way to and in Sweden) should be compensated with more days in the destination(s). Quite a road trip but it gave us a nice and colorful break for a grey November.

A tip:
There is quite a difference in money affairs  between Sweden and Germany.
In Sweden there are many places where they do not accept any cash. In German it is the opposite. Some restaurants e.g. accept only money, some places accept cards in theory but then the European cards ajust does not work in their systems for one reason or the other.