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New year and a new book for our training notes

The cover of my training notes 7.8.2013 - 31.12.2015

We have been training, I started a notebook in August 2013. It contains 260 pages of notes about our obedience training (392 sessions for Jinga and 142  for Prikka) + tens of pages from the camps or private lessons + some pages from our utility training.
This period includes notes from 28 private lessons, some of them from the weekend camps. There are also notes from our utility training, unfortunately we have been a bit lazy with those, only 10 tracks and obstacle searches in a year.

The most important marking is from July 2014, Jinga getting her Championship in Obedience. She got it visiting altogether nine shows, only three in the uppermost class. Very well done from two newbies on this sport.

Poor Jinga, she is trained now less! Last year we had 170 session, this year only 127. The "puppy" had as many as 142 session this year. The tiny sessions we made last year are not recorded. If I count all the training and competing activities Jinga had last year, she was busy during 151 days. Where as Prikka was busy during 184 days. So, we are busy quite often but still we have lots of days without any other program than having our daily walks. Sometimes our session is 15 minutes in the living room, sometimes an hour on the field or hall. Half of these sessions are sessions of our own, the other half, training with friends, mostly with the golden ones. Sometimes I have a huge urge to have my sessions with my doggies. There are also times when the session is a must, but always it turns out to be fun, a lot of fun with these enthusiastic two. Without the friends to train with, the progress and choices what to do with each exercise would be minimal and kind of poor. My friends, you are precious, thanks!

As a young dog Prikka was "entitled" twice for training courses for the dogs of her age. It was really nice to train with 4-5 other young dogs under perfect guidance of Elli. In the beginning and in the end of summer we had six sessions and it was so good to see other youngsters around and do the group exercises.

This year we trained six times with my favourite coach, Oili. I just love her way of calming me down and keeping the dogs on the right track in a very positive and clear way and giving the exact hints  to improve our performance. We met also a couple of other coaches, Pipa and Riitta and Pekka Korri, whose training sessions we have enjoyed earlier as well. This year I participated only one camp, the utility one of the breed club, in June. Three days contained lots of new experiences, meeting new people and dogs, lots of fun, thank you, the coaches and organisers!

The old book contains lots of happy sessions and moments and meeting nice people. Now I am looking forward what will be the ones in the new note book!

The cover of my training notes, starting 1.1. 2016:

Happy trainings!
                                       Happy new Year!
                                                                                                       Enjoy your friends!

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