lauantai 1. heinäkuuta 2017

Our midsummer week

When we arrived to summer cottage on Thursday evening 
we had a nice reflection of rainbow on the lake.

The day time scene from our fire place, the bonfire #1 on the right hand corner.

The last rays of the evening sun on the trees on midsummer eve.

At eleven o'clock we had #bonfire #2

11 o'clock 

 On midsummer day we divided ourselves and the dogies in three activity groups. Jinga went running, Kiila hiking and Prikka stayed for nice exercises (including swimming) of her own.

A sea horse

 Just swimming

A crocodile

The dogs were a bit tired after staying up so late the night before and all the activities. 
Can you see a more content doggy than Kiila with her ten years?

Luckily the midsummer eve we did not have any rain, so it was 
quite ok. to enjoy indoor life the next evening.

Some had fun on our Hämeenlinna walk

There were several enjoying the Hämeenlinna walks.

Nice sunny walks also in Jyväskylä

Enjoying the garden

Jinga loves to bring the toys out.

Crowded on our paths in Jyväskylä

We missed some obedience meetings in June, with so many summer house visits. 
It was so nice to start the holidays with doggy friends and obedience.

 Riepu, Kiila. Jinga, Prikka, Mozart and Ilo

My camera is very active, this was found among the pics!

The biggest "hit" of the midsummer was orange buns (orange marmalade filling) baked on a grill.
Delicious! Appelsiinipulla, also the buns filled with liquorice powder were so good!

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