sunnuntai 29. huhtikuuta 2018

Spring, winter, summer, spring and back to the business

Today was garden day, like yesterday, too. The kids in the neighbourhood are eager to visit the trio. This is how I saw them most of the time during the day, kind of waiting for action and keeping eye on the toy keeper.

The morning walk on Saturday, Jyväsjärvi on the background.

Jinga and her teddy.

On our walk we checked the training field, which was covered with snow a week earlier, now  looked promising for the training next week. Prikka took her position by the shade where she usually needs to wait for her turn. I did not get the picture of that, so I reconstructed the situation. These other two just joined her company.

We also went to check the lake nearby, there was still ice. Jinga was able to swim, anyway and and these other two were happy wading and running in the water.

On our way home we first saw football game on a green, so summerish! Ten minutes later we walked up on ski track, so winterish!

I think the dogs were delighted to see some hard real winter snow.

These are the conditions, we have been enjoying for more than a week. I have been training in a week more than in a month this year. So happy, finally so much fun and feeling so much more energetic and happy.

This is not a pic of the dogs - no, this is picture of the very first spring flowers, we saw the first  floral sign of spring,  coltsfoot. The little yellow ones are beside Jinga.

Prikka has found two new items in the forest this week, both of them were hanging on the trees. She is so serious with her business (finding someone's obstacles).

Prikka and I visited a training session in Mikkeli a week ago, the similar we attended two months earlier. I was not very eager to participate, since we hardly had trained after the last workshop. Luckily, I did go to Mikkeli. I had an over active and far too eager dog. Some patience is needed, she is far too eager to run after the dumbbells, drops the bar when jumping and so on. So, she needs to have her focus on me, not to hurry for the next task or reward. We are also working on her scent. She does not have any problems when we are working by ourselves. When there is a stewardess, she finds the correct object but she is not working on a correct mood, she drops her own scent obstacle. We need to train this with a steward for a while again. Very inspiring workshop.

There are two dogs in the dog cage, you can to see the black one but Sunny is sleeping quite next to black one. On our way home Sunny was enjoying the sunny spot.

The spring has many faces. Down, two pictures from the last weekend on a beautiful frosty morning walk. The pictures are taken from "our hill".

The view towards the city, with lake Jyväsjärvi in the background.

From the same spot, westwards.

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