maanantai 16. syyskuuta 2019

The youngest is five

Oh mine, time flies! This English lady has been mature and wise, kind of old, since her arrival to our family. According the calendar she is five, getting very mature, with her years, too.

Except when something fun is going to happen; going out in the morning, playing, working or running. She acts exited and anxious, opposite to her working mode.

At summerhouse, every single time we return from a walk or training, this is where she runs. Close to jetty, waiting for her reward:swimming.

  A self confident dog

Self confident and calm, mostly. 

Her beauty to be seen. Now, she in very good shape, less then 17 kilos.

Prikka and rowans in the yard.

Prikka loves all berries, eating raspberries during our forest walk.

Prikka loves her teddies a lot, they are taken out. There is often an interesting collection of teddies on our bed waiting for us when we get home. With these she is very possessive, no business for the other two to approach her very own dear teddies.

But with the toys, it is the opposite. She never touches them if the other two are around.

Among a very Finnish scene.

Our obedience Prikka in September

It is exhausting to be working.

"Just tell me left of right, I am ready!"

"I did a perfect directed retrieve."

Ready for scent

"Which one has the scent of mommy?"

We are a good team!

Besides the berries Prikka loves blums.

The autumn lady having her 6th autumn.

World is still wide for all kind of adventures, looking forward to our mutual journey.

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