maanantai 16. maaliskuuta 2015

Half a year old Prikka

One evening Prikka was funny; she took Jinga's collar out of Jinga's neck. Then she was happily playing with it. Then she stopped tossing the collar, and she came in front of Jinga trying to put it on. And Jinga did the best to help her trying to put her head through the collar. I should have got it videoed. May be I have to start working on this as a new trick.
Prikka can tease Jinga in many ways. A couple of times Jinga has taken Miss Piggy. It does not take long until Prikka has the big stuffed pig. Then after a while Prikka comes to Jinga and starts pushing Jinga with the toy.
There is a kangaroo (at least wallaby) size hare visiting our garden every evening. Prikka loves the droppings and keeps the garden clean. A couple of times she has met this mysterious treat deliverer, she is just staring the big animal in the corner of her kingdom, kind of curious, kind of respectful.
Prikka has also a good ear for music. In the beginning she was very puzzled with the saxophone but nowadays she sings nicely in tune when my husband starts playing.
On our walks when we come to the point where I have to leash the dogs, Prikka always runs towards me before I ask, she just needs to help me, making the initiative to get leashed.

We did survive the dark winter - hurray. Now, we have bathing in the sun for a week. What a blessing to have the blue sky! The dogs have also enjoyed the hard covered snow deck. If is minus degrees in the nights, lots of plusses during the day, the surface of the snow becomes so hard that even I can walk on it. And the dogs just love it they can run around, not only back and forth on the forest paths.

Our minuscule "shadows":
There is one thing that makes this calm lady totally berserk. It is the spade, if I start shovelling the snow, she just cannot cope it, like mad she catches the snow or the spade (which might turn out dangerous), so it is an issue. Another thing that makes her wild, is the toys in the presence of Jinga and Kiila. She does not mind the toys, instead she is attacking the dogs (mainly Jinga). Actually Jinga was exactly the same as a puppy.
Prikka, Her Royal Highness Foxbarton Kings Fancy fancies one of my neighbours madly. We meet this neighbour occasionally with his tiny Kleinspitz. Neither the owner or the dog fancy Prikka in any special way. But other way round there is a strong affection, when Fancy get his smell on the home path, her tail starts wagging from happily and she runs faraway to catch her King, even though told not to!

Never mind the tiny shadows - she brings so much sun with her. Such a nice and adorable half a year old one, a pleasure to have a thinker and doer in one package. The package is now 16 kilos and about 48 cm tall.

On a weekend we did some garden obedience. I have quite a nasty flu, so that is why I am so "well" dressed! This is how it looked like on Saturday - send away and recall etc
This is what we did on Sunday - retrieve etc
Some recalls on Monday, recall1 and recall2 and some running and playing

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