sunnuntai 16. elokuuta 2015

Almost a yearling - just one more month

 All these pictures were taken at the summer house, a week ago. If she looked like herring half a year ago (being so smooth and slender), she would not remind me of herring anymore, instead she looks the most perfect border collie lady, with her size and the coat (though she looked perfect in my eyes as when she was herring like).

During her 11th month she has grown adult both in looks and sense. I think she has been very adult like since puppyhood, quite a serious girl. She is the one who takes care that we are leaving from the gate together when going to the forest, she is the one who is closest to me. She is the one who is bossy with the big sisters, I am hers, the bones are hers! The world is hers - only eyes are needed, gazing around and she is respected. Holidays, the break from normal week days and routines, including obedience was certainly good for her. During the holidays the pretty Prikka gained new experience, too. This time she learned to be a good "sailor". We had our yearly rowing tour and rowed in five days about 100 km around Anttola (close to Mikkeli, from us  ~150 km east).

Jinga, the Ob. Ch., took part in the regional championship of Central Finland and became the fourth.

Summer is so green and bountiful, picks from garden and article search.

We have been visiting summer house a couple of times for a week to enjoy the lake and forest with all it's autumn treasures, picks in the last posting.
This weekend I did get some picks (more in FB) and video taken from our obedience.

The video tells that we still have a  long way before competing. We have been heeling only very short distances, have not done whole movements. Lots of things to do with my yearling. In the video there are all the movement of the beginners class except the down stay in a group. We worked like in competitions, one movement after the other, no big rewards, some treats, though. Heeling (too long for us), heeling with down, recall, holding the dumbbell (I was in an weird position because of the camera) , distant control and the jump. It has been fun this far and it will fun from now on as well! 

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