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Four seasons makes one year

This is how our lady looks like - one year old. The picks are from our rowing trip between Laukaa and Jyvaskyla.

Four seasons have passed, now the once tiny puppy is already one year old though she has seen only three seasons. It was summer when she left England and almost winter when she arrived to Finland. So, we still have lovely autumn ahead with autumn colors and some more mushroom picking, hopefully. Last Saturday I was most of the day in the garden meanwhile I saw her eating raspberries, potatoes, apples and plums. She is really enjoying the variety of fruits around her. In the forest, she still eats blueberries. So her gardening has improved  from what it was at the beginning of the summer quite a lot.
She is a special girl. In the morning, we go together downstairs, she just takes one stair at the time,  she stops and stairs at me so that we really take each step together (I am very slow with my knees suffering from arthritis). She still keeps on waiting for me by the gate when leaving for walks. On our way to the forest, she runs worriedly towards me. Am I following the pack for sure?  Then she relaxes and enjoys the walk.
I think she grew up a lot during the summer. We had a long break from our routines. Now that we are back with the routines like "daily" obedience moments, she is much more eager to cooperate. She is anxious and full of energy to please me. From the very beginning, she has fully concentrated on me when we are working, the other people and dogs around do not interest or attract her. But this powerful eagerness she has nowadays is something new and delightful, of course.

We have been enjoying Indian summer, It has been warm and sunny from the beginning of August. So, the dogs have swum a lot. We wanted to benefit the last summer days by water sports. On Saturday when the dogs had had their swimming fun we took the kayak  to lake Päijänne and paddled a couple of hours around one of the islands (12 km). The next day we loaded the car with the dogs, a bike and a rowing boat. We dropped the bike on our way and continued 20 km up the lakes to Laukaa. From Laukaa, we rowed the whole afternoon towards Jyväskylä enjoying the heath wave the best possible way.
A week ago I was still enjoying the last summer days with long walks by the lakes. I also made my friend  take some picks out of Prikka's obedience, she is quite a doer nowadays.

Last weekend there was a dog show in our neighbourhood so I took the both black and whites there. This time the judge, Maija Sylgren, preferred Prikka, who got excellent, while Jinga very good. JInga moves so nicely and is such an alert dog, but alas not in the shows, she seems to hate it, so she does not need to do shows any more. I have been also dreaming of taking her to utility trials for tracking, she loves it and could be good in tracking. But the obedience part is a bit demanding to such a little 44 cm dog. I just can not make her to jump over one meter fence. There are pictures of her jumping the hurdle of 7-80 cm. IEven that makes my stomach turn around. So, we need to say bye-bye for that sport as well, we better do things that are not dangerous and that are fun! The previous posting.
The critique for Prikka:
1 year old. At this stage has slightly too much legs, Excellent shape of head and expression. Correct bite. Beautiful neck and top line. Good bone structure. Could have more angulations. nice and light movement. out of coat today.
The critique for Jinga:
Strong body, gives a low impression. Head with long lines, could have a stronger crop. Correct bite. Neck long enough, Top line could be more stable, deep chest, wide from front. Angulations sufficient. good tail. steady movements.
Since there are quite many visitors outside Finland, I guess I will continue with my monthly resume but it will not be related on Prikka's birth day the 17th, more likely at the end of month.

These picks are from the garden, she really enjoys it, now there are apples and plums to eat and play with.
Apple fun

Plum fun

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