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D like Doggies - my doggies

The trio from 2000 to 2006
Risse briard, Minzi collie and Pit rescue collie

Well, on my web page I have introduced all my dogs from the past (in Finnish), so here comes the same (almost) in English! I am a bit allergic to the belittling slogans like "if it's not a border collie, it's just a dog". Just dogs are just fine, so many nice characters and individuals can be found among dogs are they breed dogs or not. What I have been wondering lately is, that how much my recent dogs remind me of the dogs in the past. Last weekend the family members were telling the same, so it is not only my imagination. The dynamics within the trio above, was quite interesting. Risse and Minzi were the best friends for three years (playing a lot together) before Pit joined the family. With Pit's arrival Risse neglected Minzi completely, she stopped noticing her former best friend, she only played with Pit. It was so unfair for Minzi (in my eyes), so I excluded Risse from time to time to give the youngsters the chance to play together!


Jinga the explosive (but very sensitive) dog is so much like Minzi the collie we had six years ago. They are so much a like that I often have the wrong name on my lips. Minzi came to family because of the kids, she was trained and owned by my daughter, Henni. She was only 11 when we went to see (no intention to buy any) puppies of Leena, the energetic and active smooth collie of my agility coach, Antje. There were two rough puppies in the litter, so we lost our hearts for the bitch one. So, it became several visits to see the litter before carrying the wee 7 weeks old puppy home.
These two dogs have such a similar attitude for work, very reactive, forgetting everything else when working. No reactivity needed any to be fortified, it was there all by itself. They are similar in their herding dog behaviours, love to run around the field when waiting for something to happen. Besides having the dynamite power, these two are sensitive the same way. If someone is harsh on them they will remember it (like stupid handler being rough with the lead). So much alike both in temperament and by their looks.

Kiila, someone said that she is like caravaner, a friend to everyone (is it only a Finnish phrase?). She really is, and thinks only good of everyone she meets. She is a bit like our samoyed, Tanja, the very first dog of Jari and me. She loved the people, liked the dogs but ignored completely the misbehaving ones. Very easy dog and the dog whom you could thrust thoroughly. The easy and solid dogs - not  sensitive the way as my dynamite dogs! Kiila is the only one in my pack with whom the use of eye has been a problem regarding the obedience. 

Prikka, she is one of her kind - at least in my pack. May be Risse the briard was a bit like her, a bit serious dog, even though the briards have a reputation of being dogs with a good sense of humour. Prikka was been very adult like since she arrived. The other dogs or other people do not interest her a bit when we are training. She is like Jinga, trying to do always the very best, trying to do the movement in a correct way. A praise is enough as a reward. Of course candies are good as well, toys only when I am in the other end (where as Jinga is happy to have the toy by herself). When we are leaving for our daily walks, she is not running like mad to the forest. No, instead she is staying by my side and taking care that we are heading together towards the forest, no behaviour of a young energetic dog. Let's see what comes out of this serious little girl when she grows older.

The present trio during the "cold wave" - we had two weeks -25.

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