maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2016

Spring or summer or spring

We have been kind of busy this spring this far. This weekend was almost a free weekend, at least Sunday was! The picks above from my sunny Saturday walk! Actually, we did not have any spring, it was summer, straight after winter (which lasted until end of April). Now, it is spring - at least regarding the temperature. Luckily, we enjoyed one month of summer temperatures, even the lakes became +20 degrees or even warmer.

Jinga the jumper, diver &swimmer

Kiila, the crocodile

 "Help! This is how I usually make it, climb on the jetty!" - poor Prikka

 "I guess I need to swim to the shore, if climbing is no good"

"You want me to catch that boat? Why there is no rope?"

The most important duty of the trio - they need to guard the swimmers

 The first paddling tour of the season two weeks ago, by he summerhouse

A tinier "creek" by our house, the dogs like to run and wade back and forth in there almost daily

 Now, Jinga is busy - she swam and dived to get this stick by the lake close to our house

 Another lake, we visit on weekly bases, now Prikka swam from the other side of the tiny creek.

 The fairy tale land:

 Moto 5G phone is providing me this kind of artistic picks:
First the panorama from our closest by "beach" with an odd number of dogs

A kind of art as well:

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