lauantai 20. elokuuta 2016

Our extended summer

It is been party time lately.  During the week the most active training friends from our "Wednesday group" came over. We did a little bit of baby obedience, all of us did three movements which the handler had chosen. We noticed that we should do this kind of training much more often, the dogs (and the handlers, too) reacted on the judge/steward. Also, the dogs where not used to do movements in a row. In some point a month ago, I thought that from now on I will always ask someone to look after us when training with others. Unfortunately, did not do so, neither encourage anybody else to do it.  Just being fifteen minutes under someones eyes would do so much good and it is not much taken from the time of my own training when observing or stewarding for the training partners. At least we had progressed with the stays, all the dogs waited nicely for their turns going down or getting up and had nice stays. It was so nice to have ten social and well behaving dogs all around the garden. I was so happy when no-one needed to hurry home, we sat a long evening around the table and ate well on a beautiful warm summer evening. During the weekend we had another kind of party but that did not include the doggies. 

It has been raining somewhat lately, that means there are lots of mushrooms in the forest. And finally Prikka has learned to look for those. Two weeks ago my friend said that she is pointing out the mushrooms. But at that time she was only pointing them after someone had found them first, she just arrived when the finding job had been done. I did not reward her anymore for pointing out the ones we had already found. This helped - this week she has been finding them all by herself, she walks and sniffs and when she finds something she stays and looks at me and on the ground!

Prikka was privileged this week, she was the only one whom I took along when visiting grandma, a long whole day journey, including one hour of walking in the rain in the morning and in the evening. The pic above is when we had arrived to Jyväskylä. Then she was pretty tired when we got home.

On our way to Helsinki (the other party) we admired strange, heavy formation of clouds low on the sky. The picture does not give credit to the phenomena.

Beautiful Saturday morning in Rastila, Helsinki

Not doggy sports - my kennel boy ready for 66 km of cycling. 

While kennel boy was racing with his bike we did get these nice summer shots. We had a nice walk in Iitti and of course trained obedience, too. When I thought to take the dogs for the second round (after my cup of coffee), they preferred to stay and lay under the car since it was so hot-

It has been a busy summer this far and what is really nice, we are going to have an extension for our summer. Lots of new experiences and some familiar scenes are waiting for us, so exciting, so fun!

April 2011, coming from Wimpole, heading for Cambridge and home

August 2016, something "new" waiting for us for the rest of the year.

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