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Our May

This is what we missed so long (until mid May) blue sky and the greenness. We finally got the summer like conditions about week ago. 

Me, the queen of the hill - Jinga!

The wise dog, Kiila, with her dignity of ten years.

Our forest is quite beautiful. We did some article search and tracking in here during our summer house weekend.

Someone is cheating, what a happy cheater!

Someone is unfair, Jinga is not a pleasant pal to run and compete with.

The greenness is overwhelming!

The oldest looks most athletic!

"We did something, now we should get to the water, we must"

Pretty old lady!

"I am ready whatever you offer."

The coast guard 

The water was already +17 even though it was under ice a month ago.

"What happens by the cottage?"

Summer and the jetty on the lake

This is the weekend when all the friends are in the Finnish Obedience Championships. We had to stay  ashore. Jinga loves the sport but not the accuracy what this discipline requires, so the championships are not for us, maybe - maybe, some tiny competitions some day. With Prikka I was looking forward to be part of the occasion in on of the teams in class 1. Unfortunately, we are not eligible. I did not realise how poorly poor Prikka was doing in our last show in April,  neither did anyone else who saw our performance. The dogs are weird, they do not show that they are suffering, they just are ready to give their best for their masters. 
I had been wondering a while that Prikka's coat did not look good, she also started to have lots of dandruff. Earlier in spring the therapist who helped Prikka with her tense muscles also suggested that it might be wise to test her at the vet. So, three days after her happy performance in the open class (class 1) she was taken to the vet. Two days later I got the results, her thyroid values were extremely low. What a disappointment it was. Now, Prikka has been on medication for a month. She had her control last week and now the vet is a bit confused. T4 - Thyroxine levels are now high, the amount of medication could be reduced but her THS (thyrotropin) levels are high why her medication should be increased. So, she in not a stereotype of dog with her metabolism or thyroid problems. Now, we will continue one more month with this medication and then we will have another control.  At the moment she is very agile and active and she is getting a new "underwear", so she is improving.  
When (hopefully not if) her thyroxine and thyrotropin levels settle down we will get the permission to compete again. Until then we train and do not have any hurry anywhere. This weekend was so good, nice tracks in the forest and the today the first track (after UK) on the field. So fun, so good! In Jyväskylä we have been training obedience by ourselves and with some friends, it is getting pretty regular. However, we have been a bit lazy and not so active as year ago.

April/huhtikuu May/toukokuu
 T4 tyroxine (tyroksiini, kokonais) (S/P)  T4 tyroxine (tyroksiini, kokonais) (S/P)
Result (Tulos): 2.6 Result (Tulos: 42.6
Unit (Yksikkö): nmol/l Unit (Yksikkö): nmol/l
Reference values (viitearvot): 15.00-53.00 Reference values (Viitearvot: 15.00-53.00
-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
T4-v T4-free (vapaa) (S/P) Tutkimus: T4-v (T4-vapaa, koira, kissa) (S/P)
Tulos: 25.1 Result (Tulos: 51.5
Unit (Yksikkö): nmol/l Unit (Yksikkö): nmol/l
Reference values (Viitearvo9t: 9.00-40.00 Reference values (Viitearvot: 9.00-40.00
-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
TSH thyreotropin (tyreotropiini) (S/P) Tutkimus: TSH (tyreotropiini, koira) (S/P)
Result (Tulos: 3.35 Result (Tulos): 0.73
Unit (Yksikkö): ng/ml Unit (Yksikkö): ng/ml
Reference values (Viitearvot): 0.00-0.50 Reference values (Viitearvo9t: 0.00-0.50
-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
 T4/TSH ratio (-suhde)  T4/TSH-ratio (suhde)
Result (Tulos): 0.78 Result (Tulos): 58.36

Below our swimming fun day before yesterday:

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