sunnuntai 27. elokuuta 2017

Our Finnish Summer 2017



The weather forecast last week describes this summer quite well: ""tomorrow we are expecting something we have not had for two months - namely sleet". Summer was late and there were only few summery sunny days. Anyway we had nice moments and tried to take everything out of the beautiful days. Durning the holidays in July we visited the summer house a few times.  We also made tiny rowing tour close by Savonlinna. The dark clouds were present several days but we were pretty lucky, we got wet only once. After five days we finished seeing the very rainy forecast. The pics above from the rowing trip - the dogs and in the setting sun.

Two happy dogs getting finally attention they love

August has been nice, besides working there has been energy for training the dogs. It has been lots of fun, working the dogs by myself or with some friends and been tutored a couple of times.
Last weekend the three members of the Finnish obedience top team organised a workshop close by us in Mikkeli. I took part of the event with both my black and whites. What a perfect day, have some nice training sessions, getting new ideas and seeing obedience enthuastics. There were three other dogs from Jyväskylä as well. A couple of weeks earlier my frend Maarit was coaching me plus a couple of friends with their dogs. So,  we have been in extremely good hands.
The dogs in the front doing the sit stay, dogs behind doing the down stay.

Besides doggies and holidays our Finnish summer contains berry and mushroom picking:

The late autumn mushrooms are just about to be here for us - still a couple of months to enjoy these.

The dogs had some running to do, we walked several kilometres and most of the time they are running between us.

Late autumn berries, lingon berries, are also on their way to be picked up.

These porcinis were in front of the summer house. We enjoyed delicious porcini risotto.

This weekend the ratio of blue berries and mushrooms was this, a couple of weeks ago the opposite.
We enjoyed also pasta with chanterelles.

After mushroom walk "we can go swimming can't we?!"

Jinga is staying in her own hollow while we should be on our way home. I guess the reason was, one grumpy dog in the car, telling it was hers.

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