tiistai 16. kesäkuuta 2015

Prikka's blog, 9 months and a wasted talent

In the garden May 29.

In the forest with the pack

Me, and my garden

Me and my dear English Teddy, thanks Val!

I guess it has been a busy month, have been an obedience model, too, first pictures, the first posting after last Prikka in English and now a video model (not published yet, but taken from the previous posting, where I am in down stay with eight other doggies and showing how to hold a dumbbel). Have been doing obedience bits also in between, either in the garden, or  with my own teenagers group and  visited Helsinki area once. We visited the summer house too. Lots of smells and I did some tracking, too, I was good they told me! Some picks from the Tuusula/Helsinki visit in FB.
Then there were a couple of stupid weeks that I was not in the spotlights, instead Jinga, Jinga, Jinga, all the time. First she went training to Helsinki without me, then she took part in the obedience championship of the breed club and became third. A week later she took part in the Finnish Championship for Obedience. Poor girl stayed in the ring only for two movements, in the third she had run out of the ring (instead of running straight to the cone in front of her, she had chosen the line marking the ring as her target and had run behind that one), becoming disqualified with that action. That's the way she is built, full of power, accelerating to high speed when released but forgets to use her brains! 

Now life is back to the normal, training a bit in the garden or with the friends somewhere close by. But I think life is unfair, my passion is gardening and I am not allowed to do as I please. I would be a hundred times faster in digging or tearing the twigs away, but no-no, someone does it so slowly, slowly and does not need the super helper at all, no appreciation! Not even helping with carrying those twigs around the garden, I would be so talented in that as well. Luckily, they can not supervise me every minute, so I have quite a many deep holes of my own in the garden. Besides gardening I am a bit of interested in decorating the house. There are rugs on the floor and they are always square or  rectangular, I prefer the softer way, so I modify rugs a bit, not to be so edgy. But this is something I prefer to do when no-one is watching. 
These picks below are a bit old already, I am eight months and a week, but may be you get the idea how beautiful and intelligent gardener there is in me. May be you can also imagine me becoming the second best puppy (out of fifteen puppies) in an unofficial dog show today judged by Juha Kares, organised by lhasa also club!

By the way, I am no puppy anymore, had my first season between the pick below and above – ready to conquer the world as a lady!
We (the trio) got nice surprise one week, huge bones, with those we have been engaged quite a while for several days.
On Monday the lake was noisy, this far the waters have been always calm and still but now it was kind of attacking the beach, it needed a careful approach:

Next weekend is Midsummer meaning bonfires at the lakeside, the sun rising at 3:22 and setting 23:15 and with the two hours dim it means it is light all the time also in the Jyväskylä area. In Rovaniemi, they need to wait one more month until sun sets. With these flowers I wish nice Midsummer for all my friends here close by and far away!

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