tiistai 26. huhtikuuta 2016

Inside Prikka - health information


I have been taking these tree pics when visiting a vet. I did not take new ones two weeks ago and now it is raining, so I am using the ones above, taken almost a year ago (in mid May).

We visited a vet two weeks ago, Prikka was analysed thoroughly. The results are fine.
Her hips are B/B 
(A is normal, B borderline, could have been a bit deeper) and
no changes in her elbows, the result being 0/0.

No changes with the number or formation of her vertebra.
Vertebral Anomaly 0, VA0
Lumbosacral Transitional Vertebra 0, LTV0

The weights of the dogs, while visiting the vet:
Kiila 15, 4 kg (four kilos kess from her maximum one, a year ago, usually around 17 kilos).
Jinga quite ideally 15,2 kilos
Prikka had also quite ideal numbers for her size 17,8.
Last year I had filled up this questionnaire from the Canine genetic studies of Hannes Lohi and his group. Based on my answers they asked for blood sample from Jinga. That was taken during this visit as well one for Prikka, and I answered also for her the questionnaire (she was so young when I filled the form for the older girls). They had a sample of Kiila already from the earlier times (so we are also part of the epilepsy research).

And now the introduction to Finnish and Swedish:
Border Collie is bordercollie or border collie, respectively! So, now you know this hardworking elegant and intelligent breed in three languages.

Now, it is good time to start looking around seriously. If there would be a healthy, tenacious and nicely build male with a sound mind somewhere, I would be happy to meet him. The earliest meeting for the dogs would be next winter. May be I will wait one more year, so for either spring 2017 or 2018 we are dreaming of having a second jolly agile litter.

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