lauantai 19. marraskuuta 2016

The late autumn activities

What a lovely autumn it has been, weeks and weeks with the autumn foliage. The picks above from a couple of walks by the Eversden forest and Wimpole. We have been enjoying every now and then  a  black and white trio, when Tasha, a Tibetan terrier, has accompanied us with his owner. Tasha is a nice, lively two year old boy. If he gets someone to run it is Jinga. Prikka just stays by my side, she just would not do anything so "childish". 

 The winter is coming, though - can be seen how the pony and dunkies are growing their coats.

We  have utilised the paddocks, one of them is narrow, and by some of them there are even narrower "paths".  The narrow one has been good when we have done obstacle search. Now, both girls run quite nicely far away which has been challenging for both. The very narrow one is extremely good for Jinga and her sendaways, it forces her to keep the straight line. This week I borrowed also the paddock of my neighbour for tracking. Both dogs followed the the track nicely to three directions and found all the articles on their way. However, it was interesting to see that both of them had difficulties when turning towards the heavy wind on their last bits. Both of them had difficulties to find the track, it took a while. Prikka also reminded me about founding the dropped articles. While we were at Lake District, she started to look keenly behind my back. She saw my hat and gloves that I had dropped and had to run and get them back. So, during last weeks I have lost my gloves on purpose, to keep her working. 

Prikka is doing her "herding exercises" (slow motion towards Jinga), unfortunately the clicking of the camera disturbed her concentration, so  I had to stop clicking.

We attended Jo Hill's Monday workshop in Ely two weeks ago (previous posting). We really needed it, someone to look after my work, new ideas and meeting similar minded people. The new spark for our obedience training was really needed. The training appeals with a fresh flavour! 

We are enjoying only three more weeks this morning sun view from our bedroom window. Then it is time to head back home, to Jyväskylä.

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